hey friends.

i’m sitting here on our futon at 9:40am on a saturday morning thinking about how i want to begin this blog. the perfectionist in me wants it to be perfect and without fault right from the get go, but guess what? it probably won’t be & that’s okay. trevor encouraged me to “just write something and get my thoughts down.”

so, here i am.

i love saturdays. not only because it is a day off from work and the normal hustle bustle of everyday life but because it is a day we have set aside as our family sabbath or day of rest.

we choose to rest before we are at all the end of our sanity. even jesus rested, so why shouldn’t we do it? we choose to put aside laundry and email to be able to show christ that he is who matters. all the other things and people seeking our attention 24/7 can wait.

the emails and notifications aren’t going to disappear if we take time away. time to recharge and rejuvenate our mental health, as well as our spiritual health.

i recently just ended a 21-day fast from social media and truly, it showed me how important this is. time away from focusing on others’ lives and time focusing more on what christ is doing all around me.

i challenge you to rest today. you won’t regret it.

tia marie

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