i may write more later on this topic, but trevor and i did have a miscarriage a couple weeks after we found out we were pregnant the first time, so this story will be reminiscing of the second time we found out.

sooo.. it had been 3 months since i miscarried and every month i was hoping and praying i would get pregnant again. i was consistently tracking my cycles (but they were all irregular after the miscarriage) & taking ovulation strips.

the entire month had gone by and i did not receive a single ovulation test showing i ovulated. needless to say, i didn’t think i ovulated. and if you don’t ovulate, you can’t conceive.

well, i was on cycle day 30 and still had no period. like i already mentioned, my cycles were not regularized yet, but i had not had a cycle 30 days, so i decided i would take a test. i took the test around 6am while trevor was still sleeping. i only had 1 test left and so it was now or never. i 100% expected a negative test because i had gotten sick of getting my hopes up only to have them let down again.

i looked at the test, and it said the one word i had been praying to see since we miscarried 3 months prior- “pregnant.”


i just stood there in shock. no tears. just astonished. i couldn’t believe it. my heart had such an empty hole from the miscarriage that i could not believe it was real. but man i thanked the lord.

now, this was a day trevor got to sleep in and i had to get to work, so i knew it would have to wait until after work. i had purchased this super cute card months earlier that had 2 pairs of shoe on the front- one adult and one baby pair. it said, “can’t wait to meet little you.” after i wrote in it, i hid all the evidence of the test and card and had to leave for work.

when i got home that evening, i gave trevor the card. he read the front, looked up at me, and instantly hugged me. as soon as he embraced me, all my emotions were let out and i began to weep. he cried too. it was a beautiful moment.

we are so blessed. and thankful. currently 23 weeks pregnant. more pregnancy things to come. 🙂

tia marie

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