hi again!

as you will quickly learn, i love house plants. i am currently living in a one-bedroom apartment with my hubby that doesn’t allow for as much greenery as i would wish, but we make do.

we currently own about 30 houseplants. i’ve done a lot of research on how to successfully keep them all alive, keeping track of their individual needs. feel free to check out my instagram page @dig_it_mn where i regularly talk about all things plants. but today i want to tell you about my favorite plants.

  • my all time favorite plant is the monstera deliciosa! it grows quickly and is beautiful as it matures. they are hardy and like a lot of water (doesn’t it always feel good to give your plants lot of water??). monstera deliciosas are vine plants and will grow upward if you guide them. **pic of our current propagation of 2 leaves
  • my second favorite plant is the ficus lyrata, or more commonly known as, the the fiddle leaf fig! this plant grows tall is so fun to decorate any space with. fiddles like high light, and in the summer months, will grow new leaves often! they also love consistent waterings.
  • the last plant i’ll mention today is one of my faves because of how unique and mesmerizing it is. it is the string of hearts. it is a fragile plant that grows little colorful hearts. it’s a perfect plant for hanging and letting it droop. the string of hearts does well in bright, indirect light (west facing windows are best).

tia marie

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