trevor and i began dating in september of 2018. engaged in march 2019. married in august 2019. and now have been married for about 1.5 years.

through all these seasons of life we have lived together so far (& obviously many more to come), i want to document a few of the things i have learned from him. some serious. others not. but all which have made an impact on me in some way.

  • community. sometimes i try to do things on my own. sometimes i stuff my emotions when i don’t think it’s the appropriate time or person to talk to. but trevor reminds me that having someone there to comfort me in a hard time is more important than things looking how i wanted them to in my ideal and well planned out way
  • some things just don’t matter. as a female especially, it can be real easy to get caught up in the little “she said this,” “my feelings were hurt by this,” or “this person doesn’t treat me like i deserve.” and the list goes on. i think it is life changing when we think of all things in light of eternity. yes- some things here on earth deserve to be mourned over or talked through for the sake of our hearts and relationships with others, but some things, in the light of eternity, mean absolutely nothing.
  • long boarding. i love it when you meet someone and they bring a new activity into your life that brings years of memories and joy. trevor took me long boarding within the first month of us dating and it was so fun! since then he has purchased me my own long board and we now have cute, long boarding dates together. it’s the little things in life.
  • spontaneity. not everything has to have a plan and detailed itinerary. some of the best moments happen on the spot and could not have been planned. also sometimes plans fail and lead to a spontaneous adventure that is one of my most fond memories. trev and i balance one another out & i wouldn’t want it any other way.

tia marie

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