hello friends!!

let’s jump right into it with some practical tips for staying productive.

tip #1: have a morning and evening routine established & stick to it! physically write down the time you want to wake up, giving yourself enough time to get ready, eat breakfast, and have bible time without feeling rushed. if your morning is rushed and you have to quickly run out the door, your whole morning is now starting out of stress and this will linger on throughout the day, making you less productive.

tip #2: to-do lists are life-changing. that may seem a bit like a hyperbole, but seriously they’re amazing. whether you work a desk job, are a teacher, self-employed, etc., having a *realistic* list written down of what you want to accomplish that day will be helpful for you. i don’t know about you, but it feels so great to cross something off of a list. if lists don’t seem to help you, you could add a time line to your list to keep you on track of when you should be completing each task.

tip #3: keep a clean work space. especially for those who work from home, your work space is not going to lead you to productivity if it’s on your couch with your feet on the coffee table with a bag of chips next to you. this goes the same with your phone. if you’re trying to work but have your iphone next to you and continuously keep checking instagram, then you will not end up getting any actual work done.

hopefully these tips can help you accomplish what you need to accomplish. you got this, friend! definitely more to come on this topic. i love chatting about productivity and organization.

tia marie

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