as you know, i am a third grade teacher. it is my second year full-time teaching, and i’ve been in third grade both years. i think my favorite thing about teaching is the stories that i get to come home to share with trevor each evening. so, i wanted to share a few of them with you.

one day, i told my students to bring their reader to the front carpet for a lesson. one student looked at me and asked, “bring my weiner?!” “your reader,” i reiterated. and then what he said caught me so off guard i couldn’t keep a straight face. he said, “but i need my weiner too.” i definitely cracked a smile on this one.

i was teaching about the human body systems to my class and we were discussing the muscular system that day. i overhear a student look at his friend (while i’m teaching) and say, “you know what body part i want to learn more about?” he proceeds by looking down and pointing to his own crotch.. oh boy. this same student’s most frequent used word in my class was “ball sacks.” what an entertaining kid.

now, this year, school has been so much different with teaching hybrid, fully distance, and now in-person with a handful online still. seeing the students in their own environments at home brings about some interesting things. one day a girl interrupts me during a math lesson to tell me she has to leave. i ask her why, and she says, “i was hoping to get a nap in today.” what?!

another student online one day frantically started shouting my name and told me he had to go because he was leaving for texas! “oh- i didn’t know you were going to texas. okay!” “just kidding. i’m not going to texas; i’m going to the park.” **instantly logs off of the zoom meeting before i could respond.

last one i’m going to share for now. one day at recess a boy was telling me about playing soccer. “it’s the russians versus the english’s,” he says. his team proceeded to score six points and the other team hadn’t scored yet. he then looks at me and says, “the russians always win!” haha

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