it has been too long since i’ve written, so i thought i’d come on here and give some life updates as to why i haven’t written as consistently.

on march 15th, trevor and i started the week long process of moving. we had wonderful family and friends who came to help us. we stayed at the same complex but moved to a larger unit. we have about 1.5 times more space and a super cute deck that maple loves!! you don’t realize how much you accumulate until you have to move it all. . . it’s been absolutely amazing to have more space for us, maple, and baby 🙂

trevor is in his last few weeks of college! he is very ready to be done with school. he has worked so hard managing work and school. t minus 23 days until his official graduation! i am extremely proud of him!

i am almost 32 weeks pregnant. i love feeling baby’s kicks getting stronger as each week passes! sleeping has begun to get more interrupted in the past few weeks, waking up almost every hour with leg, hip, and calf cramps. my pregnancy pillow is a life saver though! we are very excited to find out the gender! i am so happy with our decision to wait until birth but now that we’re less than two months from the due date, i just want to know! at my latest appointment, my belly was measuring 1.5 weeks ahead, so maybe we will have a may baby instead of early june. i guess we’ll have to wait and see!

this week i am on spring break, and it has been a very nice time off of teaching. i love it, but being pregnant and teaching during a pandemic is much more exhausting than in a normal year. i have been able to hang out with my mom and begin working on the baby’s nursery! i still have a ways to go, but it’s been great to see some progress. it makes it all feel much more surreal. 58 more days until our due date!!

within the past month, i was also blessed with a second baby shower with friends from church hosted at my mom and dad’s home. everything about it was perfect and beautiful! i also threw my friend, kat, a bridal shower and attended a bachelorette party for her. i love celebrating my friends. 🙂

life is so good right now. cherishing every moment and memory made in this season of pregnancy and trevor finishing up college. hopefully i’ll be back on more frequently with more blogs.

tia marie

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  1. Julie Avatar

    Love hearing about your life, Tia. I am so happy for you and Trevor. ❤️❤️❤️

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