i am currently 6 weeks postpartum, and i thought it would be helpful to anyone pregnant to have a list of some essential postpartum products. here are the items i absolutely needed:

  • frida peri bottle
    • this is amazing to put lukewarm water in and spray every time you use the restroom. the hospital sent me home with a regular peri bottle, but i love the frida one since it curves and the angle is much better.
  • large pads
    • you bleed for weeks. it is absolutely necessary to have large and long pads that don’t require changing every hour.
  • ice packs
    • the hospital i was at gave me these bendable ice pads that fit right into the pads i wore. the chilled feeling was amazing and really helped soothe the pain down there.
  • witch hazel pads
    • i had no clue what these were, but my hospital gave them to me. they were these wet/chilled, thin circular pads that i put 3 at a time in my underwear. again, anything cold was amazing.
  • hemorrhoid cream
    • i don’t remember what brand the hospital gave to me, but i put this cream on top of the witch hazel pads.
  • adult diapers
    • when i ran out of the super large pads, i began wearing adult diapers all the time while the bleeding was still consistent.
  • granny panties
    • once the bleeding was almost done, i started wearing underwear again. i didn’t want anything tight, so i got 3 pairs of oversized granny panties. thongs are not part of the equation. no- they’re not cute but they’re a nice transition while still wearing smaller pads.
  • epsom salts
    • i took 1-2 baths everyday for the first 2 weeks after having my son. the nurses recommend this and i could not be more thankful! soaking with salts feels so refreshing and soothing.
  • stool softeners
    • again, the hospital gave these to me, but especially since i had a 3rd degree tear, having a bowel movement was extremely painful at times, and these were necessary for me.
  • washable bra pads
    • this is related to breastfeeding, but amazon has a large quantity of affordable bra pad. especially when i wake up, i am leaking a lot, so this helps your bra not be the thing to get soaked.

everyone’s postpartum journey looks a bit different, but these are the products that have worked for me! let me know what other mommy posts you’d like to read. 🙂

tia marie

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