hi again!

today i’m going to be sharing as many details as possible about our baby boy, hudson’s, nursery. at the time of writing this, he is 10 weeks old, and we are truly obsessed with him. our nursery is mostly gender neutral. this is partially due to the fact that we didn’t know hudson was a boy until he was born, but also due to the fact that trevor and i both love neutral tones.

planning: i want to start by laying out the plan i had for the nursery. after some pinterest searching and nailing down the colors we liked, i knew i wanted some sort of accent wall. we are currently renting but are allowed to paint. i decided on a big rustic colored sun taking up the majority of one wall. i asked my friend madison if she’d be able to do the painting for me if i got all the materials.

now when it comes to style, i love boho and simple. i love how white and wood tones work together with a splash of some accent colors. in this case it would be a dark orangish/rust color and dark green (plants obviously). trevor and i want to follow the montessori ways of learning and so i knew i also wanted some open shelving to allow for independent play as the baby gets older.

room layout: there are 2 closest in the nursery. one stores hudson’s hanging clothes and extra diapers, wipes, toys, etc. the other one is trevor’s closet. i won’t be sharing pictures or details of those. the room has 2 large walls, 1 wall of mainly windows, and 1 half wall due to the door and mini hallway with the closets.

decorating: let’s start with the first wall. to the right of the shelves, i have a basket from around our place that has blankets in it. we’ve been blessed with many handmade blankets for our son, so the remainder of them are in his closet. the lamp is from target and we received this as a wedding gift two years ago. hanging on the wall here is a poster. this poster displays various emotions to promote conversations about feelings as hud grows older. and we have a cute pothos plant on the corner. it’s seen better days so we’re hoping it begins to thrive being moved to this room just last week.

we have 4 shelves i intend to use to display 4 toys at a time that i will rotate depending on his age and learning ability. currently, these toys are far above his level right now, but i didn’t want the shelves to be blank in the mean time. the books are sorted and displayed by color. the puzzles were purchased from amazon along with the checker and chess pieces. the chess board was thrifted as well as the blocks toy (and this has suction cups on it which is amazing).

now moving to the top of the shelves, i have a couple baskets housing various items. the basket on the right was thrifted, as well as the wooden blocks and books inside. the train in the middle was thrifted. the basket on the left i scrounged from around our place and contains swaddles and burp clothes. and then we have our sound machine (10/10 recommend).

before we move to the corner, we have one white floating shelf on this wall. this wall i’ve changed up a bit, but currently it has one of hudson’s ultrasound pictures framed and wooden & magnetic letter pieces to spell out his name (these were found in a cute shop in duluth, mn). lastly there is a little white lamb stuffed animal gifted to us from my friend sophie after our miscarriage. it serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness through that difficult time.

now moving to the corner of the room. one of the coziest spots. the rocker is so fluffy. to the right of the rocker is a book/magazine holder from marshalls. my intent is that when hudson has books that are his current favorites, this is where they will be stored- easy access for daily reading. to the left of the rocker there is a little stand we used to use for plants that has a bowl of pacifiers and paci clips. above the rocker we have one of my favorite plants!! yes- it is real (there will be no fake plants found in our place haha). it is a string of hearts. we purchased it last summer at a greenhouse in minneapolis. the plant was struggling and very small. it has grown and grown and grown. i’ve even propagated a few inches for a friend. it is thriving. it’s housed in a beautiful whicker hanging basket from target last year. the photo hanging is from a photoshoot we did a few weeks back with my friend kathryn. i found the frame at a thrift store. the whicker poofs are super adorable, and i found them at a savers last summer. they’ve moved all around our place, but i prefer them most right here by our rocker.

the center wall has 2 large windows that bring in such a gorgeous sunset lighting each afternoon/evening. to the left of the windows is also one of my favorite plants- the fiddle leaf fig. it is currently struggling from a bit of slanting but it is still such a statement piece that i’m in love with! i have a basket we were given filled with some stuffed animals and then a bear rocker that i am so excited for hudson to be big enough to ride in the future.

now is my favorite part of the room- the accent wall. my friend madison did a phenomenal job painting this for us. i am obsessed with how it turned out. in front of the sun is a stunning white and wood crib that will turn into a toddler bed when needed. the plant themed crib sheet is from target and the mobile and stand are from etsy and amazon.

the last wall is a shorter wall with hud’s dresser and changing station. some friends of ours gifted us the dresser that they were no longer using. i have the beautiful basket we change him in. it is lined with a white insert and a mustard “cushion”/insert, although he is outgrowing this very quickly and i will need to find a replacement for this basket very soon. on the higher part of the dresser on the right is a basket (these ones are some of my faves) and it holds diapers, cream, lotion, and wipes- the essentials. to the left of the dresser is the diaper genie. above the dresser is a white mirror from home goods. lastly, our rug we purchased over a year ago. it’s seen better days, but i’m in love with how it looks!

and that’s it! hopefully you enjoyed getting a peak into hudson’s nursery i decorated and maybe it’ll give you some inspiration if you’re preparing for a new baby soon. i linked as many items as i was able and linked similar ones if i couldn’t find the exact match. i have been getting into thrifting so much more lately and love finding those special finds for good prices. let me know if you’d like to see any more posts about thrifting or decorating.

tia marie

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