we live in a world where there are so many various viewpoints and opinions about everything & anything. since becoming a mom, this has become even more evident to me, but honestly, what’s surprised me the most is how judgmental and critical moms are to other moms due to these varying approaches to motherhood.

first off, it’s okay to have your own opinion. actually you should, especially when it comes to raising your child. but why do we feel the need to tell the whole world of our opinions and then proceed to judge and look down upon those who do it differently?

circumcise or not circumcise. vaccinate or not vaccinate. co sleep or bassinet. wake them to feed or feed on demand. formula or bread milk. the list goes on and on.

but here’s the thing. i spent two years in the classroom teaching full time, and guess what? i would not be able to look at a student and tell you whether they were breastfed as a baby. i could not watch them play football and determine whether they walked early. i was unable to hear them read and determine whether they were speaking in sentences before they were one years old.

but what i could see was who they were as a person. were they kind? loving? honest? caring? compassionate? respectful?

how about we, as moms, focus more on building a good foundation for our kids when it comes to their personality and character than comparing our baby’s abilities to our neighbors’?

all mamas are doing a great job. they’re all doing what they believe is best for them and their family. so let’s allow other mamas to parent the way they choose and to focus on teaching our children to be good people. because in the end, that’s what truly matters.

tia marie

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