one of my favorite youtubers (delilah loeppky) posts frequent videos of her thrift hauls & i absolutely love it! i don’t know what about finding a good deal is so exhilarating! but it is. 🙂 also i love shopping for clothes for my new baby. today i’m going to share a large baby haul from this past week. over a matter of a couple days, i went to four once upon a child stores and am obsessed with the items i was able to find for my 3 month old son, Hudson. my goal was to find a few items for right now since he’s grown out of a handful of his clothes and then to also find a handful of items for this fall/winter that he can grow into. i love the brands h & m and zara for baby clothes, but zara especially is a little spendy to buy brand new frequently so i seek it out. let’s get started with the first category of items I found:


i am all for wooden toys. i think they are typically more learning focused rather than just noise making. playing is the main way babies/kids learn so i want the toys i have available for my son to be the most beneficial but also amusing. wooden toys are just much more expensive, so when i find wooden toys at the thrift store, i am S T O K E D!

melissa & doug tool set


i found one pair of shoes. they were a bit of a splurge, but they would’ve been very expensive new, and they had never been worn!! so essentially, they’re new but not new haha.

brand new nikes (size 5)


this is the largest category of stuff i found. ranging from onesies to sweaters to jackets.


i was seeking a few new pairs of baby leggings that would be tight to wear underneath oversized sweaters and sweatshirts because that’s just stinkin adorable if you ask me. i also scored some cute jogger sweatpants.

and that’s my large baby thrifting haul! in the future i’ll do a generic haul. can’t wait to see my baby boy in these cutie clothes! comment which piece is your fave!

have a blessed weekend!!

tia marie

2 responses to “baby thrifting haul”

  1. Aunt Sue Avatar
    Aunt Sue

    I like thrift-shopping also! It’s hard to choose which of your items is my favorite. First, I love that you found those “new but not new” shoes and they are so cute (but all baby shoes are cute I think – they’re just so tiny!) Of the other clothing I would say the Zara flannel shirt (looks flannel anyway), the blue/white/orange or blue/white/gold plaid. When I think of Minnesota I think winter and when I think of winter I think flannel shirts! I think it would be cool for pictures if you find a matching flannel shirt for Trevor! Ha ha!

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  2. Jo Schwalm Avatar
    Jo Schwalm

    Love the little Carhartt overhaul shorts! I had 3 boys and always shopped thrift stores and garage sales for their clothes. It is the thrill of the hunt! Finding a treasure is so fun.

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