i love house plants. my husband and i had over 50 plants at one point but have slowly sold some since our living space isn’t *that* big. today i want to share a couple plants that, through personal experience, i’ve found to be fairly easy to take care of. so, for everyone who says they kill all plants, keep reading. i got you 😉

MONSTERA DELICIOSA- this is my all time favorite plant. i’ve sold cuttings off this plant, moved it, etc., and it continues to thrive. i do one weekly watering (2 cups since it’s so large) and every week during the spring/summer, it truly sprouts 1-2 leaves! and it’s just so beautiful! this pic was taken shortly after 6 leaves were cut off to propagate.

CALATHEA- there are various kinds of calatheas. these plants can not only survive but thrive in dim light! i also do a weekly watering (about 1/2 cup). these tend to not be very finicky which is the best when you’re trying really hard to keep a plant alive. i basically water each week and then forget it exists until the next weekly watering & it just keeps growing.

SNAKE PLANT- again, there are M A N Y kinds of snake plants and they all look very different! but, they are very simple and easy. they do not need watering very often and can survive in dim light as well. it’s the perfect plant to place in a darker room/area of your house that needs a bit more decor but has minimal lighting. they are also very easy to propagate since they grow new sprouts that are like their own mini babies.

FIDDLE LEAF FIG- this is also one of my favorite house plants. it doesn’t grow as quickly so if you like frequent growth for the gratification that you’re doing something right, maybe this isn’t the plant for you haha. i also weekly water and do at least 2 cups. this plant likes high light and lots of water in the spring/summer months. i also love just how aesthetically pleasing this plant is.

yes- ours is currently super slanted. ever since we moved, it was drastically affected by the wind.. 😦

let me know if you want more plant posts! i love them and have a handful of tips up my sleeve.

tia marie

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