my birthday was on september 29th, and my husband, trevor, wanted to take me away for a night. so, he planned an intentional weekend for us- away from our husky and son, hudson. hudson is almost four months old, and he’s had one short night away, but this was going to be three nights away- his first extended time away from us and his normal routine.

he was going to be with my parents, and they’ve spent enough time with hudson to know his rough schedule, but i still wanted to make things very organized and written out for them.

first off, i made a packing list to use as my reference and to make sure i didn’t forget anything. i made the list in categories as you can see below.


i wanted to pack one sleeper for each night away since hud likes to drool and get them pretty wet after one use. one of the sleepers has built in mits but the other two did not, so i packed socks for those two nights since he has a tendency of scratching his face with those sharp nails of his. hud also sleeps in a sleep sack every night (not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it gets the job done). he does not sleep with a paci or anything, so that category was pretty simple.


i exclusively breast feed my son, but i have a large supply of frozen milk that i’ve been slowly giving to my parents to store in preparation for this time away, so i did not need to pack the frozen milk since it was already at their place. but, i did need to pack a handful of bottles and the bottle warmer. also, within this category, i also added changing. my mom bought a large box of diapers to use, but i still packed a few for them to use if they wanted/needed. hud is quite the spitter upper, so i packed four burp cloths to make sure they’d have enough haha.


my poor guy is teething so some days are pretty hard. we are not using medication but soothing his gums naturally with organic oil and things to chew on. i sent with a ring they can freeze; he loves the one we have in our freezer. i also packed two wash cloths because this helps his teeth too when they’re wet with cold water. he’s started grabbing at things more, so he loved the teething toys he can hold and put in his mouth by himself.


the most fun thing to pack for a baby in my opinion. the weather here in minnesota is very bipolar, so i packed lots of different weather options including a light jacket and many layers. i clearly like a neutral wardrobe.


the most straight forward section. we transferred these in person, so i didn’t have to actually pack them :).


all the random other stuff i thought hud might need. my parents live on a lake and have a boat, so they specifically asked for his sun hat, and i added in his little sunglasses as well (mainly because they’re stinkin adorable hehe). i also added a trash bag for his dirty clothes. i sent with his activity mat too, but that was too large to pack into the bag.

yes- the bag is pink with flowers… i added to his christmas list i started this past week, an overnight bag that’s a bit less feminine. at least at his age, he doesn’t seem to care ;). i put all his stuff into ziplock baggies, labeled with the correct category so that everything would be easy to navigate and find for my parents.

lastly, trev & i loved our time away at the cutest little cabin in kensington, mn. we enjoyed time by the fire, kayaking on an (almost) private lake, eating yummy campfire meals, listening to the rain from the cozy bed inside, and admiring the gorgeous fall colors by the water. i attached a couple pics of our wonderful time.

have a marvelous weekend!! 🙂

tia marie

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