let’s just hop right into it- some are activities and others are possessions. no order 🙂

  • starbucks pink drink. i don’t like coffee, so this is my fun drink. i’m low key obsessed with it. if you want to get a bit crazy, you can add some vanilla cold foam.

  • writing. my husband and i recently started creating the time for each of us to weekly have some alone time to recharge while the other one hangs with our son, hudson. so, i’ve been spending more time just blogging and writing and i absolutely love it! we also enjoy doing this together on our weekly wednesday morning coffee dates with hudson. if you don’t create the time and space for it, it won’t happen.

  • band camino and lany albums. two of my favorite bands came out with new music recently, and they’re both so good! gotta love a good car jam.

  • sabbath. every friday, our little family has a day of rest and recharging. we go on walks, eat yummy food, and just spend time together. we look forward to it every week.

  • thrift shopping. i have loved all the good deals i’ve found recently in clothes and wooden toys for my son at thrift stores. check out my recent post sharing all my good thrift finds. more posts like this one to come in the future!

  • coffee shop writing dates. i love going to coffee shops and being creative through writing. the vibe is just perfect. see my post on intentionality to see how i make time for this.

  • our family calendar. each week we write down the tasks that we need to complete that week. i love seeing our week’s plans, each day’s meals, and our to-do list in one place. and marking things off that list as the week goes on feels super great, especially being an enneagram 1 :).

  • hudson’s giggles. this sounds so cliché, but i don’t care. getting my son to laugh makes my heart literally melt.

  • my new Bible. trev got me a more mature looking, leather Bible for my birthday, and it makes me so happy! it is an esv translation, which i have never had before, so it’s super nice to have a new translation to read passages in a way i’ve never read in-depth before.

  • the new book i’m reading (trevor has read like 42 books this year so i’m trying to read at least a couple and become a more avid reader myself) is called Atomic Habits. i just started reading it a few days ago. i’ve been reading it aloud to trevor, and we’ve been discussing it as we go. it raises some really good points that really get you examining your goals, and i’m excited to continue reading. maybe i’ll do a book review when i’m finished.

  • marco polo. this is an app i started using many years ago, but seriously, i love the ability it gives you to connect with friends. my friend, kathryn, just hopped back on this app, and i love watching her videos and discussing the joyous and not so joyous parts of life with one of my besties on a fairly regular basis.

  • crumbl cookies. if you’ve never tried a cookie from crumbl, you better stop what you’re doing right now, and go order yourself one (or a box of 4). they’re the gooiest and most perfect cookies to exist! they come out with new flavors every week, so their menu is ever-changing but it always includes the classic chocolate chip, which might be my all-time favorite cookie to date.

  • flannels. fall is my absolute favorite season and in minnesota, i personally feel like it doesn’t last long enough. so, i’ve already broken out the flannels, even in 80 degree weather because i want fall temperatures. anyone with me?!

i think that’s a good list for now. let me know if any of these things you’re currently into as well.

tia marie

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