happy fall!!!

this is my favorite time of the year. the pumpkins, apple picking, sweater weather (still waiting on this one in mn), and just the all around coziness.

my all time favorite cookie is a pumpkin cookie, and i wanted to share it with you all!

it is a pumpkin sugar cookie recipe. check it out here.

  • set out all your ingredients.
i actually used pure pumpkin and not the can of pumpkin pie mix that’s shown in the picture.
  • preheat your oven to 350, and spray your pan (or use parchment paper).
  • mix together your butter, oil, pumpkin, sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla, and eggs. it will look kind of lumpy and soupy. that it totally normal.
a handheld mixer would also work
  • add in the flour (this will make it look more than dough), all the spices, baking soda, and salt. i did not add the cream of tartar; it is such a small amount and i didn’t want to go buy a whole thing of it.
  • then it’s time for the baking. after placing the balls of dough onto the pan, use a glass cup or your hand to press down the cookies slightly. honestly, i dipped the cup in sugar and did this for the first pan, but it made the shape kind of weird, so i prefer to just slightly press down with my hand.
  • i find that the perfect consistency for these cookies is 8-8.5 minutes. then wait, a couple before you put the frosting on. make the frosting while the cookies are in the oven.
  • for the frosting, i added a bit more milk and pumpkin pie spice than the recipe calls for, but it was a bit too thick for me before i did this. but, the only downfall then is that the frosting is pretty gooey and doesn’t look the most pleasing, BUT, i can assure you, they still taste amazing!

what’s your favorite fall dessert?

tia marie

One response to “favorite fall cookie recipe”

  1. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen Avatar

    I love to have recipes to return to year after year, like old friends! These look delicious.


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