before i gave birth to my son, i watched a handful of YouTube videos showing what others put into their hospital bags, and i found them very helpful, especially with it being my first time experiencing it all. so, my thought is the same with doing this post.

first off, my diaper bag is from fawn design, and i am obsessed with it. i love the backpack style & that it doesn’t scream, DIAPER BAG” when you look at it. this bag has so many pouches, and i haven’t even filled them all. they have a handful of colors but i got mine in the natural leather color.

let’s start with the little front pouch. this is used for my period care. (yes- 4 months postpartum and i’ve already had two cycles of my period…). it’s small enough where it’s hidden but still accessible for easy, on-the-go use. i’ve been loving all honey pot products lately.

now, let’s get in the bag. here is a view of the inside of my bag. i also keep my wallet in there most days (not pictured). and i restock often to make sure i’m never out and about and run out of something crucial.

i separated everything in here into categories based on what it’s used for. first category are the mama necessities- just two things. i have a claw clip for my hair; sometimes you get super warm while nursing and need your hair up. the second thing is a pair of reusable pads. i needed these more at the beginning of breast feeding, but i want to always have a pair on hand just in case.

the next categories are for feeding & changing. i exclusively breast feed my son, so i don’t need many items. but, i have a nursing cover in case i’m in public. i also have a portable changing mat that folds up super nicely. i have a burp cloth (this gets used often) and some diaper rash cream; i have yet to use it but want to include just in case. and of course, i have wipes and diapers. i tend to keep about 8 diapers in there to be certain i wouldn’t run out of i were out of the house for the majority of a given day.

my next category are items directly for my son. i have an extra outfit, a pair of socks, and a toy/teether. i typically keep a couple teethers since he’s currently teething, but this is one that has stayed in there. i like to keep an outfit that’s not my favorite one because i rarely have to use it. i also check the sizing on it about every month to make sure it actually still fits him since he’s growing so quickly. it wouldn’t do me any good to have an outfit for him if it doesn’t fit. i do keep extra diapers, wipes, and a couple spare outfits in the car as well just in case.

the last category is for any remaining miscellaneous items. i have included teething oil- this bounces from inside the bag to next to his changing station in his nursery since it’s frequently used. i also have his headphones; we use these for when we’re in church services and the worship is a bit loud for him. i keep a blanket in there to lay down on a hard service or to cover him if it’s cold out; i’ve used this blanket much more than i originally thought i would.

and as hudson grows older, these items will change and more will be added but for now, that’s what’s in my diaper bag. i try to keep it minimal to just what i need.

tia marie

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