trevor and i got married august 17, 2019. he had to start junior year at college at the end of the month and i had to start my first year full time teaching at the end of the month as well. so, we did not have time to do a long honeymoon before those two major events began.

but, we did do a mini moon and then a honeymoon in january of the following year. both were amazing & we enjoyed both trips immensely, so i wanted to share. it’s so fun to look back and reminisce the memories we made.

our mini moon in august was a road trip that consisted of a lot of driving over a short amount of time. we drove from minnesota (where we live) to south dakota and then to montana and back to minnesota.

we were only in south dakota for one day, and our main excursion was through the badlands. we fed prairie dogs, trev got some good root beer, we listened to some chill music while driving through the amazing scenery, night swimming, and a spontaneous trip to mount rushmore!

montana was our main spot. we stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast- the lindley house in bozeman, montana (but i think it’s permanently closed now…). we played cards in coffee shops, ate amazing food, drove hours through the mountains, went to yellowstone national park, and enjoyed the new view since we’re not from a place with mountains.

it was a super quick couple days (and i still had to do some teaching prep work unfortunately) but it was such a nice little getaway- the first as a married couple!

because we didn’t get a super long getaway, we decided to do a legit week long trip/honeymoon where we got to fly somewhere a couple months later. we decided on san francisco, california. i don’t even know where to begin with all the amazing things we did this trip… we saw the full house house (if you know you know)!!!!!! we went on a boat tour and walked across the golden gate bridge. honestly, we did a TON of walking this week. we visited many sites and ate such amazing food. we also saw a ton of sketchy people, but we won’t talk about that. we got to attend a couple church services at hillsong church, rode a trolly, saw the new starbucks cups before they came to minnesota, was in the largest krispy kreme in the united states (but now it’s permanently closed), and so much more! it was an amazing week with my hubby. enjoy some pictures. 🙂

where did you go for your honeymoon?

tia marie

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