i feel like everyone says this, but once you have kids, it’s so fun to experience every season and new experiences for the first time again through your childs’ eyes.

my son, hudson, was born at the beginning of june, so this is the first fall he is here for. and i’ve fallen right into wanting to start all the traditions with our little one now that we’ll carry out through his (and future kids’) lives.

it’s obviously a little different with an infant versus a toddler versus an older child, but we still had fun nonetheless. and the memories made that we can look back on through photos are so priceless.


we went to an apple orchard! this specific orchard had a ton of family activities that would be so fun to do once hudson is older. but, we still got caramel apples, walked amongst the apple trees, and brought apples home to make an apple crisp- which was so tasty!!


we carved pumpkins. hudson mainly slept during the carving portion, but he still did get his own pumpkin carved for him by his uncle. can’t wait until he’s old enough to carve his own! it’ll definitely look better than mom’s carving 😉

fall is my absolute favorite season! and just the other day, we finally had weather to match the season!!

tia marie

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