thrift shopping for my son is one of my favorite things to do. last week, i was able to go to once upon a child with the main goal being to find my 4.5 month old son a costume for halloween. and it was a successful trip.

the first item i scored was a vintage pair of converse for $3.50. they have a couple scuff marks and the laces are too big, but overall, this was a great find considering converse brand new are not the cheapest thing- even the baby ones.

the next item is a wooden toy for $5.50. i am a sucker for a good, wooden toy. this is a two-in-one toy- an xylophone that you can pull out the side and a ball set where you match the ball to the colored ring and use the little wooden hammer to knock it in.

next is the whole reason i went baby thrifting in the first place- a costume. our family did not have plans for halloween, but i still wanted hudson to get a picture in a costume. i found this cute elephant costume for $5.50. the bottom actually doesn’t have any leg holes or anything which makes it convenient for sizing too!

my last four items were clothes. i found a zara black, long-sleeved shirt with buttons for $8.50. seems a bit steep for a thrifted item, but zara is expensive so anything i can find from there for under $10 is amazing. he’ll be able to grow into this throughout the winter.

the next clothing item is a pair of jeans i found for $5.50 from baby gap. ideally i was looking for a pair of jeggings (his current pair is almost too small) because doing the zipper and button on pants for a baby is definitely not fun every time you change their diaper. these are not jeggings, but there is no zipper or button which is nice!

the next item is another pair of pants i got for $7.50 from afton street. these are a dark grey pant with side pockets and the fit is kind of like a jogger. they’re a bit big now, but again, he’ll grow into it for the winter time. and winter lasts a long time in mn, so he’ll for sure get to wear them this coming season still.

the last item was a F I N D!!! i was browsing the sleeper section because finding 12 month sleepers that aren’t a thick fleece has been tricky, and i came across a sleep sack/jumper that was $15. i would’ve kept browsing but the cost threw me off. not much stuff at once upon a child is that expensive, so i immediately texted my sister in law who looked up the unknown brand to find that this exact one is $50 new!!!! i instantly put it in my cart. the thickness will be perfect for the cold, winter months.

overall, this was a successful thrifting haul for my son.

tia marie

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