last month, my husband went to fresh thyme, which is a convenient 2-minute drive from our place, with the hopes of finding us something for dinner. he came up with the most genius idea that turned into the cutest at-home date. did you know you can even have dates when you have a baby?! and you not only can but you need to!! want me to say it again for the people in the back?! haha

okay okay, back to my husband’s dinner idea.

he came back with various crackers, fruits, and cheeses; we were going to make a charcuterie board! he also had some sparkling juice to fill our glass cups. 🙂 i had really wanted to make one & had seen them all over online, filling me with inspiration.

there were many fancy cheeses we had never tried before. we then made it together, ate it together, and spent the evening snacking on it while watching a movie. dates don’t have to be super elaborate and when you have a baby, it’s super convenient to do it at home. you can time it with the baby’s nap time to ensure 100% quality time too!

what’s a creative date idea you have?

tia marie

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