hello and welcome to 2022!! and it’s already february!!

it has been a long time since i’ve written, and it feels so good to be back!

i thought it was fitting to have my first post in the new year be a life update post since it’s been since the end of november that i’ve written.

on november 28th, we found out we are expecting baby number 2! we knew we wanted our first two close together and were excited for that to happen whenever the Lord allowed it! we’ve had a couple baby appointments since then & everything is looking great! baby’s due date is august 5th! we’re so excited!!

on december 1st, i got to help give trevor a mullet! long story short, trevor is the youth pastor at our church and he said if his students raised $10,000 in 1 month towards Speed The Light, that he would get a mullet. it did not turn out the best, but it was for a great cause! (and he got a decent hair cut the next day haha).

we celebrated christmas as a family & it was so much fun with a little one this year! my family always does matching pjs and it was fun to incorporate 2 babies. we also got to tell my family we are expecting! they were all shocked and not shocked at the same time haha.

sometime in december Hudson got his first 2 teeth, and they are just so adorable!

on january 17th, we announced to the world we were pregnant and these pics of hudson are just so stinking cute!

at the end of January, i got covid unfortunately. my parents took hudson for a couple of days while i recovered. it was really hard to be away from him, but i truly needed the rest. and the pictures i received from my parents make my heart a little less sad to be away from him.

tia marie

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