last month, my parents, trevor, and i went on a road trip to florida. yes- a road trip from minnesota to florida. and my son, hudson, was a CHAMP! thankfully, we did it over a span of two days so we didn’t have to drive through the night. but, it was definitely a lot of driving, especially with a baby and being pregnant.

marco island, florida is stunning! our daily agenda was wake up, eat breakfast, put sunscreen & swimsuits on, go lay by the beach and pool, come inside to shower and get ready, go out for dinner, and end the night with family card games. pretty simple and chill. but perfect.

hudson would normally do his first nap on trevor’s chest under an umbrella and his second nap would be in the hotel room before dinner. his favorite activities were eating snacks at the beach, sleeping on dad, and “swimming” in the pool. the ocean was a bit too cold for him to enjoy (see pic below haha).

here are some pics to show the good times we had:

trips with a baby should not be intimidating. it’s so much fun to see somewhere you’ve been before through a first timer’s eyes, especially when that first timer is a little one! until next year, florida!

tia marie

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