i am currently 22 weeks pregnant and have a 10 month old! it’s crazy how fast time flies!

almost 2 weeks ago, we had the pleasure of finding out the gender of our baby! with the first pregnancy, we were in the middle of covid, so my husband was unable to come with to most appointments, including the big 20-week ultrasound. so, that was one reason we just decided to wait until birth to find out the gender of our baby. that was such a fun experience that i don’t regret at all! but, this time around, we wanted to do things differently, so we found out together at the ultrasound.

at first, baby was being super shy and kept their legs together. to help add to the anticipation that we were dying to know the gender. but eventually, the baby moved and we were able to find out that the baby inside of me is a GIRL!!! AHHH! Obviously, we would’ve been excited either way, but having one of each is so fun (i’m guessing haha).

we were able to tell my family almost instantly afterwards. they were all back at our place with hudson. before we drove back home though, we went to target and bought all things pink! granola bars, popcorn, sparkling water, juice, etc. when we arrived, we called my mom and told them all to go into hudson’s room. we then came in and set up the whole counter with our large pink display. then, we joined them in his room and handed my mom an envelope that revealed the gender. she then got to open it up and tell the rest of the family that we were expecting a baby girl in august. they were ecstatic for us!!

the next day, we went out to eat with trevor’s parents and were able to have them also open the envelope and look at baby girl’s ultrasound photo. we then went back to our place and enjoyed some more pink snacks. such exciting times!

as you can see, hudson is pumped to have a baby sister (even if he has no idea what that means yet).

we can’t wait for our baby girl to join our family late this summer!!

tia marie

One response to “finding out the gender of baby #2”

  1. Olivia Avatar

    Thank you for sharing! Baby girls are the best 🙂

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