back in october, i did a post about my current faves, and i thought i would do another one!

clothing items

  • these pants from h & m. i got them last may on sale right before i had my son. they were so comfy for postpartum and now for this pregnancy as well.
don’t judge my face haha. in labour during this shot. thanks trevor 😉
  • all h & m tank tops. cheap, comfortable, and cute. getting a little tricky with a growing baby bump but tucking them into a skirt and layering has a been very convenient.
can’t see the tank top very well but just trust me haha
  • chuck taylor all star move platform shoes in white. these just arrived today!! i haven’t worn them but have admired for a while from afar. thanks to my friend, kat, for the high rating. 🙂
ugghh so beautiful, right?!

online shops

  • julianna wynn company. i have not purchased from this company yet, but i stumbled across it recently & it’s so adorable! i plan to look on there before baby girl comes.
snapshot of the website
  • little looks by lilly shop. obsessed with these embroidered sweaters. i will be 1000% purchasing one with baby girl’s name on it before her arrival. you must check her out.
their instagram page


  • thrifting baby clothes for my little girl on the way has been such a fun past time for me! i love finding a good deal & imagining her in the little dresses and rompers makes me so happy!
once upon a child
  • reading. my husband is a dedicated reader, and i tend to go in seasons of reading, but recently i’ve started reading with him in bed after we put our son to sleep. it’s relaxing and been super fun! my favorite book recently has been the ‘silent patient.’ check it out!!
on the beach on vacation reading. what a view!
  • decluterring. i did a deep clean of my closet and it’s belongings. i got 8 garbage bags full of clothes i’m going to sell/get rid of! it feels amazing to purge of stuff. no photo of my job well done. oh well.
  • facebook marketplace searching. we move at the beginning of may to our first house and then we’re having a second baby at the beginning of august, so we have things we need. i love searching for good deals.
bamboo pendant for baby girl’s nursery- $35!

youtube channels

  • loeppkyslife- love this christian mom’s family channel. she is authentic and relatable.
snapshot of her channel
  • milena ciciotti- always have loved milena’s family channel. also a christian mom who keeps things very real and films creative videos.
snapshot of her channel


  • my wand. my hair is naturally wavy/curly, but occasionally i curl it and it’s such a nice change! here’s the latest time i curled it (day 2)
all ready for church

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