today is the evening before easter. 2,000 years ago, i wonder how quiet this day was. the day that Jesus was still in the tomb. dead. people had maybe begun to lose hope.

but just wait.

as i’m sitting in a coffee shop by myself this evening, i decided to read the account in mark chapter 16 of jesus being crucified and his resurrection. i think it’s important to read and force yourself to imagine it, as hard as that may be.

this time reading, one short phrase really stuck out to me in referring to the stone being rolled away.

“it was very large.”

the stone was heavy, big, large, not possible to move by human hands.

yet it had been rolled away.

how cool is that?! jesus wasn’t there anymore & the stone was gone! jesus had risen! and tomorrow is the day we get to celebrate that, although, it should be something we remember and truly celebrate more than just once a year surrounded by chocolate and easter bunnies.

easter is much more than that. we have quite the reason to celebrate!!

happy easter & resurrection sunday!!

tia marie

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