at 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant, i took maternity photos! i wanted to involve my one-year-old son and my husband, so we got some good family shots too. and so today, I wanted to share some of my favorites! since my maternity pictures with my son were in a country setting, i wanted these ones to have more of a city/downtown vibe (& my family just moved to the city in the beginning of may, so it’s fitting). my friend kat took them. she’s so amazing & talented. visit her site here to book her.

i’ll start with shots of me and my belly:

here are some cute family pictures we got:

here are pics of my son & i:

and you can’t forget just the hubby & i:

this is your reminder to take family photos. there doesn’t need to be a special occasion to do so. but take my word for it, the photos will mean more to you than you could imagine. and in years to come, when your family is grown and older, you’ll cherish the memories made back then. ❤

tia marie

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