every once in a while i love doing a post with my all around current faves- from food to clothes to activities, etc. and since i’m *very* pregnant, i thought it’d be fun.


my current favorite foods are my current cravings haha. i’ve been loving sour punch straws (so random) and icees. like give me all of them all day long. i’ve also been enjoying strawberries and diet coke as well. i know, so random.


i have a love hate relationship with maternity clothes. i only really buy maternity pants and just wear oversized tops as i grow bigger. thankfully my husband is a foot taller than me and his shirts are perfect maternity shirts. but, last month i found the most perfect oversized graphic tee at target!!! like, it’s actually oversized in length and not just width. here’s a pic of it!

33 weeks pregnant

my birkenstocks are a summer staple for me!! and i don’t have to bend over to put them on which makes them even more desirable each morning.

i’ve been really loving wearing baseball hats! i wear my hair in a low bun or low pony tail. i just feel like it complements an outfit so nicely and if you didn’t wash your hair, it’s a good cover up haha. i’ve found some of my favorite hats years ago at american eagle.


since my daughter is due in 3 weeks, i’ve been working hard in her nursery & i completed it yesterday. i love how it turned out & it’s so fun to decorate a new space! be on the lookout for a whole post about her nursery next month.

i’ve been reading a lot of mystery/murder novels & i’ve actually really been getting into them! my husband & i both just read, a good girl’s guide to murder. i would probably give it a 7/10 overall but he liked it more than i did. but, the act of reading together in bed or on the couch before bed is a great routine we’ve set in place.

can my morning routine be an activity?! i’ve been waking up consistently at 6am every morning during the week in order to shower, get ready, water the flowers, and have bible time before my son wakes up. and i can’t tell you how refreshing it’s been! 1-2 hours of peace and silence while the sun rises. wow my soul needs that time desperately!

now that we’ve been in a house for a couple months, i’ve learned to love taking care of my space and yard. like watering the flowers, keeping everything organized and well kept, etc. there’s something special about nurturing something that just makes you feel good.

my son is 13.5 months old & i just love playing with him/watching him play. he’s so much fun & makes my husband and i laugh all day everyday. my parents bought him this swing they hung in our yard & he’s obsessed with it! i love seeing the joy it brings him.


amnesia by ayokay feat. nightly

king of kings by chandler moore

for now by lauv

ooh la la by josie dunne

cwjbhn by jake scott

glimpse of us by joji

for my son

i love doing toy rotations for my son. changing out the books i have featured in his book sling and changing out the toys every week that he has access to. his current faves are his wooden instruments. it’s so cute watching him bang the drum with such pure excitement.

time outside. in Minnesota, our warm, summer days are short and winter comes quick, so i’m trying to take advantage of these hot days to be outside with him when i can. sometimes it’s just sitting on the gathre mat with toys, walking around, or swinging in his swing.

he’s getting so much bigger and starting to do more “big boy” things like using utensils and brushing teeth! ahh! so crazy to me. i love encouraging him in these new tasks.


as mentioned above, my gathre mat is a current fave. you can get many sizes, colors, thicknesses, etc. these mats are such a nice leather that easily wipes off. perfect for picnics, time outside, playing, etc.

i’m loving my cream bronzer by milk. it blends super nicely and doesn’t look too drastic when applied.

another makeup product + hack i have is using the light pink stila eye shadow palette as a highlighter! it works great to add some natural shimmer to your makeup.

the last product i’ll share are the toddler utensils by the brand, “mushie.” all their products for kids are amazing, but this one has come in handy with trying to teach our son to use a spoon and a fork.

enough favorites for now.

tia marie

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