this morning, i had the most beautiful little kitchen view during my bible time. the light shining in on my fresh flowers. the stillness of my home before my son awoke for the day. the sun coming up. it was just beautiful.

i read my devotional by paul david tripp, and this morning it was a poem. the topic was on identity. it began with, “no need to search for myself. no need to grasp for meaning for my life or purpose for what i do.” and it ended with, “i no longer need any of these things because grace has connected me to you and you have named me your child.”

so good.

i’ve had times where i’ve thought about what my purpose is or who i really am. i think we all have in various seasons of life. but what stuck out to me is the fact that we don’t need to worry about those things or even try to figure them out. it’s easy to put so much time & energy into “figuring out your purpose.” and i think when our focus is on us figuring it out, we lose sight of the fact that He has already figured it out for us.

now, it’s hard, especially for those planner type people like myself, to fully let go of control. but if we truly know that Christ loves us and has grace for us every day, and that He has the absolute best in store for us, we should actually feel freedom from the fact that we don’t have to plan everything and have it all figured out. that’s His job.

and the entire idea around being called a child of God. wow. in galatians 4 verse 7 (esv), it says, “so you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son then an heir through God.” Christ calls us his child. he doesn’t call us by the names we tend to call ourselves or think about ourselves. he doesn’t look at us and see our imperfections. he looks at us and sees the beauty in creation that he made in us.

when I look at my son, hudson, i see such an amazing little guy. and to think that when Christ looks at me, he thinks the same thing but so much more magnified. it truly is unfathomable.

today, let’s let HIM have the reigns, knowing deep down that we are his CHILD and that he has the best in store for us. our purpose comes from who HE says we are. not what we say or think about ourselves.

tia marie

One response to “a good reminder for us all”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Very good reminder, Tia! I often struggle with this. Thanks! 💕


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