in case you haven’t noticed, i had written a handful of posts to schedule out ahead of time since i knew newborn life wouldn’t allow me to write as much as i wanted, so the timeline of my posts has been a bit off. but, i did have my baby girl!! she came 1.5 weeks early on july 25th @ 8:15am. we’re so in love with her already!! very happy dad got home from leading a youth camp just 2.5 days before she arrived!

my daughter’s name is LANY JAE. early on in our marriage, we occasionally talked about baby names we liked, even though having kids wasn’t on the timeline yet. we both were so in love with the name lany. we debated on the spelling but so happy with how we ended up spelling it. we knew, if we were blessed with a baby girl, her name would indeed be lany. our first one was a boy, so we just kept holding onto lany and now we finally got to use it! her middle name is in honor of my brother, jay, who passed away in 2013 from brain cancer at the age of 21. he never got to become an uncle, so we want his name to live on & for all our kids to know uncle jay. and we love spelling it with an e to make it more feminine for our daughter.


lany is such a sweet, well-tempered baby. she was much smaller at birth than my son was, so it’s been an adjustment having such a teeny baby that actually fits into newborn things. she is jaundice so that’s been something we’ve been dealing with- lots of blood work, weight checks, nurse home visits, & phototherapy. but, as of the day i’m writing this, she is so close to getting to be off phototherapy!! we’re excited for when that’ll come. lany is a wonderful eater but like a typical newborn, has no consistency in a schedule yet, so we nurse on demand and sometimes that feels like non-stop haha.

lany’s big brother is not quite 14 months old, so he doesn’t truly understand that his whole life has changed, but so far, he thinks it’s funny to touch and pat her head and toes. he just looks at her and giggles; it’s super precious. seeing him be a big brother makes my love for him grow so much stronger & i can already tell he’s going to be such a sweet older brother to her as they grow up so close in age.

the last couple weeks have been slow paced. as they should be. our first outing as a family of four (outside of doctor’s visits) was to the book store. it was fairly quick and we each conquered one kiddo. it was pretty successful! trevor wants it to be her favorite store, so we gotta start em young haha.

as easy as it may be to be excited for her to grow older and be able to play with her big brother, i’m soaking up all the time with her as a newborn because i know how fast time truly does go.

life is beautiful.

tia marie

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