today is our wedding anniversary! 3 years ago today we said, “i do,” and started on this journey of life together. time has gone by so quickly, but also, when you’re living life with your best friend, it feels like you’ve been together your whole life.

i want to reminisce about our wedding day, sharing some of my favorite photos and then end by writing a note to my husband three years in. we got married at the cottage farmhouse in glencoe, mn & we loved it!!

getting ready

us girls got to be in a bridal suite which had multiple rooms, a bathroom, a super large mirror, a table, a mini kitchen, etc. it was the perfect space for my mom, my mother in law, my bridal party, my personal attendant, my flower girl, & myself to get ready all morning! i loved the fact that we got to be there right away at 8am and were able to get ready from start to finish in this beautiful space!

the boys had their own separate space that was more focused on chilling and relaxing. they had a pool table to play on since they don’t need as much time getting ready.

reading letters & first look

trevor and i wrote one another letters that we read before we had our first look. i got super emotional before reading his letter with how surreal it all was and excited to see him so soon!

we hadn’t specified a plan for how the first look would go; we just knew the location of where it would be. trevor was standing in this little 2-sided barn and i came behind him and tapped his shoulder. it was a really special moment.

family & bridal party

i’m so blessed by the people we have in our lives that celebrated with us on this happy day!


so many special moments. we washed one another’s feet, read our personal vows to one another, and almost fell down at the altar when we both turned different directions to kiss haha.


my favorite part of the reception was was when my bridesmaids and I surprised trevor with a dance (he could be the one by hannah montana). he had no idea and it was so much fun! my girls are the greatest for cooperating with me and my crazy ideas.

couple photos

so many amazing photos to choose from to share, but these are some of my favorites. vowhouse did our photos; they’re so incredible at what they do (find them on facebook or instagram). we did some photos after our first look and then snuck away during sunset to take some as well.

dear trevor,

my love, it has been a wonderful three years as your wife. i cherish all the memories we’ve made together and look forward to all the ones to come. we have a crazy puppy and 2 amazing children together. this year we were able to purchase our first home. everyday, i’m truly living out a dream raising our family with you. thank you for loving, encouraging, and pursuing me everyday. i am beyond blessed by you. cheers to 3 years married & forever to go. i love you!!!

tia marie

One response to “3 years married to my best friend”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Love you guys SO MUCH!!! Your wedding day was so special, so many fun memories! And you’ve done so much in only three years.😊 Have a wonderful time celebrating your anniversary! (Your card is in the mail.) 💕💕💕

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