i gave birth to my second baby a few weeks ago. it’s such a different experience when you go through pregnancy, labor, birth, & postpartum a 2nd time. even though every time it’s a bit different, you feel a stronger sense of confidence in what you’re doing, specifically, what things you actually need. we live in a society where every commercial, ad, influencer, etc. is trying to sell us products, but today, i’d like to talk about the products that i feel are actually necessary and worth the money when it comes to postpartum care.

*disclaimer: i can only speak from my 2 birth experiences; everyone’s is different. i did tear both times but the 2nd time’s healing has been much smoother.*

the hospital was amazing and provided all the things i needed and then sent a ton home with me after i gave birth. so, i had something to base what i needed off of and then when those ran out, i had a good idea of what i actually used and wanted to purchase myself.

frida peri bottle

this upside down peri bottle is amazing. especially if you tear (i had a 3rd degree tear with my first), it feels so good while you pee to take away some of the stinging and tenderness. the hospital provides a peri bottle but this upside down one by frida is so much easier to use and helps you aim where you squirt the water.

epsom salts

sadly, i haven’t had access to a tub this time around, but after my first delivery, i would take 1-2 salt baths everyday and soaking felt so good. it was truly an essential for my healing.

disposable undergarments & adult diapers

i’ve used both; it comes down to your preference of which one works for you. but, know that those cute undies won’t be out for a while afterwards.

witch hazel pads

after my first baby, the nurse gave me these cooling pads and they worked wonders, especially after quite the tear i had. i also used ice packs and those also felt amazing. some people make their own and freeze them before birth to have on hand as well.

stool softener

believe me when i tell you to stay on top of taking your stool softeners right after giving birth. it can be extremely painful to go to the bathroom after delivery and this will definitely help.

everyone’s experiences are different, but after two babies, these are five products i’ve found that are actually worth spending the money on and will be useful for you. and bonus, none of them are super expensive to start!

tia marie

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