in a rut with toys for your toddler? here are 10 toys that will not only be engaging and promote learning for your child, but they’re under $20 as well! (and a lot of them are currently on sale as well!!)

1. sorting & stacking

if your toddler has mastered a basic sorting toy, this one would be a fun challenge! there are multiple pegs and colors for your child to match. great fine motor skills!

2. sensory board

this is a great toy to bring in the car for a road trip! this sensory board is convenient to pack and provides many ways for your child to play with it including puzzles, buckles, shoe laces, zippers, etc. all good, practical things for your toddler to practice.

3. pull string

this toy is so fun and unique! it’s shaped like a ufo and it has pull strings that vary in size, texture, and color. it’s all silicone too so if your child is teething it can help in that area.

4. wooden number puzzle

this is one of the first toys i bought for my son because it not only is super pretty to look at, but it promotes so much learning! it helps with colors, numbers, & letters! who doesn’t love a good puzzle?!

5. coin box

you might think this is super basic. well, it is! but, it develops your toddler’s fine motor skills to pick up the coins and put them in the slot. also, your child will love doing this over and over as they understand how it works. it can keep them entertained for quite some time.

6. screw driver board

anyone else have a toddler super interested in tools? then this toy is for you! this screw driver board can help your son or daughter feel like a big kid by using their own tools. what better way to start them young on using tools than with an interactive toy?

7. activity cube

how cute is this activity cube? i love toys that are fun but also promote learning real-world things and this toy is just that! and it also is small enough to take in the car for those longer car rides.

8. wooden instruments

my son loves instruments and anything music related. instead of filling your home with obnoxious plastic toys that ding random tunes all day, let your toddler explore by making real music with these wooden toys that will last longer and maybe get your child interested in becoming a musician someday!

9. play tunnel

this is currently over 50% off! this tunnel is so fun & folds up completely flat to store!

10. felt pizza kit

i adore melissa & doug toys. this felt pizza kit promotes pretend play in your child & is super cute too!

i hope you found some toy inspiration for your little one. these toys are engaging, fun, & all for good prices! which toy is your favorite?

tia marie

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