over the last few years, i think everyone has grown to love amazon. maybe it’s a love hate relationship truly. but everyone loves a good amazon deal and the convenience of buying something from your phone and having it on your doorstep in a couple days or even hours. today, i’d like to share 5 things from amazon that i have loved and you will too.

1. eos lip repair balm

this stuff is magical let me tell ya. my mom introduced me to this hydrating lip balm by eos. years ago, the eos lip balm was popular. you know, the egg shaped one that was too bulky to fit in your pocket and you twisted the top of the “egg” off to use it. and while they were trendy, they weren’t very hydrating; you had to reapply a million times since it wasn’t doing it’s job (marketing i tell ya). this eos is more like a picture between a lip balm and a lip gloss- hydrating but also looks like you put effort into your lips. i have one in my nightstand, make up case, wallet, bedside, etc. you need to purchase one and try it yourself.

2. stroller organizer

for all the moms out there, you need this stroller organizer. it has many pockets, 2 insulted cup holders, a convenient spot for money, keys, & phone, and a detachable pocket. it velcros right onto any stroller’s handles easily. with this, you don’t have to use the limited underneath stroller storage space for your items, but now free up that bottom compartment for all the other things you or your kids might need while out and about.

3. pet hair remover

this chom chom roller looks like a lint roller but it works so much better! you roll it over a rug, carpet, or couch and there’s a compartment in it that stores all the hair. i’ve used this on our rug as a more convenient way to quickly remove dog hair and you’d be amazed at how quickly it picks up pet hair (and how much you get!!!)

4. kid safe essential oil

this essential oil is 100% pure. this brand is what my family uses when we diffuse oils. this specific oil is a sleepy blend to have going in your child’s room at night (or your own!). it smells great, isn’t filled with chemicals, and will help you fall asleep.

5. glass spray bottles

i’m in love with the look and quality of these spray bottles. i always try to use glass in place of plastic when i’m able. i use these bottles for my various cleaning supplies around the house, and i popped some labels on there to keep them straight. the perfect spray bottle!

which item are you going to buy today?

tia marie

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