all parents are aware that introducing books to your child at a young age has so many benefits, but sometimes it can be overwhelming with all the book choices out there. no matter the book, reading has benefits, but here are 10 books that would be great books to read to your child.

1. pop-it books

there are a handful of kinds of pop-it books, but what makes these so great for your child is that they’re interactive! along with the story come all these little spots your child can poke. some of the books promote counting while popping the bubbles. your toddler will love it!!

2. science books

i love these books by chris ferrie! simplifying higher-level scientific topics for young kids is such a fascinating concept. what a better way to start the learning early, especially if it’s a specific topic they’re already showing interest in at their age!

3. a beautiful day in the neighborhood

my husband loves mr. rogers and when we were gifted this book of poems written by him, he was stoked. it’s never too early to introduce poetry to your kids. also, the artwork is very pretty in this book too. and the poems are short so your child doesn’t need a long attention span (we all know toddlers don’t have that haha).

4. mother bruce series

i’ve read a couple of the books from this series and they are so fun! the idea is that goslings see a bear first thing when they hatch, causing them to believe that bruce, the bear, is their mother. for the majority of the first book, bruce is trying to get rid of these goslings, but at the end he learns to love them. this story isn’t too long but the storyline will keep your child engaged the whole time!

5. the day the crayons quit

this story is just so fun!! the colors & artwork are unique and will capture your toddler’s attention from the start, especially if your child is one who really enjoy crayons or anything to do with coloring or drawing pictures since that’s what the storyline is based upon.

6. the world needs who you were made to be

joanna gaines wrote this book & it’s so cute! the book is all about celebrating differences! this is a great concept to teach kids at a young age, especially as they grow older and will experience this first-hand at school and with their friends.

7. press here

this is a great starter book as your toddler is getting interested in reading/books. it’s interactive and will ask you/your child to do things like clapping hands, tilting the book, & touching the dot. very fun and engaging for your little one!

8. dragons love tacos

this book is so so fun! the story line is super simple but will make not only the child laugh but i bet you will too. gotta love kid’s books that are also fun for the parent too.

9. in my heart: a book of feelings

this book is all about feelings and big emotions. it’s very important to teach your child how to handle those big feelings that they *will* have in a healthy way. never too early to start having those conversations.

10. baby’s first bible stories

i love our book of simplified bible stories for young kids. if teaching your kids the bible is important to you and your family, this is a great book to begin introducing those stories to them!

there you have it! ten books that are toddler approved! which one is your child’s favorite?

tia marie

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