in light of my wedding anniversary being last month, i came across some photos of me in wedding dresses i tried on but didn’t end up going with. i thought it would be fun to share them and a little explanation behind why i didn’t feel that was “the one.” i went in with the mindset of wanting something more form fitted that slowly loosened up towards the bottom (not mermaid though). i also wanted a low back and for it not to be strapless.

if you didn’t read my post in honor of my wedding anniversary, go check it out! but, if you did miss it, here’s the dress i did choose before we take a look at all the ones i didn’t go with. 🙂

here’s the first dress i didn’t choose but almost did. looking back, it looks nothing like my style and i’m actually quite relieved i didn’t go with this one. my main reason i didn’t pick it is because it felt more like a bridesmaid dress rather than the dress for a bride, but i liked how the under layer was textured and tighter while the one on top was loose and sheer.

the next dress is honestly stunning! i’m in love with the back of the dress and all the lace, but, with my body type/shape, i didn’t love the way it looked from the front.

this dress was difficult to put back due to how unique it was! but i just didn’t feel like it did me any favors; it wasn’t unflattering but wasn’t super flattering either.

the next one again, just wasn’t super flattering around my waist area and i didn’t love the off white, vintage feel this one had.

this next one was a bit too simple for me. i preferred something with more train and not so form fitted all the way down. again, it didn’t show off anything that made me feel “sexy.”

this last one is probably one of my least favorites of all the dresses but definitely fits the style i originally thought i would go for. i didn’t love the bulky, high neck line and the darker undertones. also, the train’s shape was not my favorite, but i did love the low back.

of the six dresses i shared that were contenders for being my wedding dress, which one is your favorite? do you think i made the right choice with the one i did choose?

tia marie

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