i have two kids under two years old. challenging yet so rewarding, right? well, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in this situation, here are some things i’ve found to be essential to make things go smoother.

double stroller

i love our mockingbird stroller for many reasons but one of the main reasons is that there is an attachment you can buy that converts your stroller into a double stroller. you don’t need to go buy a whole new stroller. 1 stroller but 2 ways to use it- with 1 child or 2! and the stroller itself is beautiful and more on the affordable side compared to other strollers.

moses basket

i’ve found that i need a place my daughter can be laid that is out of reach of my son, especially since he’s still very young and doesn’t understand boundaries. the moses basket paired with a stand helps so the baby can be laid anywhere and is untouchable. also, it’s convenient as it can be easily transported anywhere you need as you’re moving around with your toddler. i use mine also as her bassinet before she moves to a crib so it serves multiple purposes.

baby carrier

as your baby will demand a lot of your attention, your toddler will also. having a baby carrier of some sort to wear your baby, will make it easier to be there and help/play with your toddler while still soothing the baby.

large diaper bag

with doubling the amount of diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, etc. needed as you go out and about, having a large diaper bag to hold everything you need is truly essential.

sound machine

there will be more crying around the house with a new baby. making sure your toddler is still getting restful sleep will be important. having a good sound machine like this one (i love the hatch!!) will play a big part in drowning out the noises.

diaper caddy

if your living room is on a separate floor from your bedrooms, having a diaper station with a caddy full of all diapering essentials in your living room/the space you’re in most of the day, will make your life smoother. then, you won’t need to bring both kids with you up and down the flights of stairs for every diaper change.

snuggle me

i love the snuggle me in general if you have one baby or two. it’s a great place to lay your newborn so they feel snuggled while still feeling cozy and safe.

having 2 kids under 2 years old is such a blessing! these products will help make the transition a bit smoother for your family. do you use any of these?

tia marie

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