anyone else love houseplants? i used to have over 50 in my one-bedroom apartment- insane, right?! but before having kids, it was something to nurture and take care of. one thing I’ve heard over and over again from people is…

“i can’t keep plants alive.”

“i don’t have a green thumb.”

“i kill all plants.”

well, what if i told you that with these basic tips, anyone can keep a houseplant alive and thriving? let’s dive in…

tip #1 start with one plant. it’s easy to get too ambitious and to buy 12 plants that all need different things and soon they’re all dead because you were spreading your green thumb too far. start with one, and once that one plant is thriving, buy another if you so desire. ease into becoming a plant mom.

tip #2 only buy pots with drainage holes. yes- there are so many cute pots out there without drainage holes, but truly, avoid them and do yourself a favor now by only purchasing ones with drainage holes. your plants need to drain out water; let them do so.

tip #3 know your climate and if there are any plants that need something your climate will never give them, don’t buy them. for example, my husband and i purchased a handful of succulents & cacti when we first got married. and one year later, most of them were dead. we live in minnesota, and so most of the year our climate is not good for those types of plants. they won’t thrive here so i should just not even have them in my home. knowing that before purchasing will save you money.

tip #4 don’t repot your plant as soon as you bring it home. most plants like a little time to adjust and accommodate to their new home. it might seem dramatic (and maybe it is just a little), but for your plant to have a new owner, take a trip in a car, be placed in a new home with new surroundings all in one day is a lot. save it some stress by waiting a couple days to pot your plant to give it time to adjust to it’s new setting first.

tip #5 have one watering day per week. pick one day a week to be your watering day. on that day, water all your houseplants. keep them on that schedule so that you’re less likely to overwater or underwater. most of your plants shouldn’t need water more than once a week. new plant moms sometimes overwater because they feel like they should be doing more to take care of their plants. don’t make this rookie mistake.

for all my houseplant lovers, which plant is your absolute favorite?!? why?? would you like a part two with more plant tips? i’ve got many more.

tia marie

One response to “5 basic things to know about houseplants”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Yes, part 2 please!


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