with kids, the convenience of getting things in 1-3 days without having to leave to go to the store is amazing. here are some of my recent favorite amazon purchases for my kids.

toddler wooden cutter

we’ve tried to take a more montessori approach with our son. teaching him independence at a young age is part of that. this wooden cutter is so cute, safe, and it promotes him to feed himself. it also can keep him busy while we’re cooking (ex. he can cut and eat a banana while waiting for us to finish cooking breakfast).

super soft toddler jammies

i’ve now purchased two pairs of these jammies for my son. they’re extremely soft & they have a ton of colors! they’re also very stretchy which is helpful for when you have a squirmy toddler who doesn’t like to be changed. it’s hard to find jammy sets like this that aren’t footies. will be buying more next winter for sure.

trendy toddler summer shoes

i’m obsessed with these shoes. they look like the women cloud shoes everyone is getting. a lot of shoes don’t fit my son’s foot due to the thickness and in step of his foot, but these fit great! i like how it has velcro too. he also loves wearing them and gets happy when he sees them. 🙂

i love matching with him!

stroller organizer

i’ve talked about this on here once already, but it’s been amazing for long walks. especially with having 2 kids now, it’s helpful with all the things you try to carry and bring with when you’re out and about. it also works with all strollers which is fantastic!

nosefrida saline mist

anyone else’s kids just wake up with a stuffy nose one day out of no where? mine do! and this saline mist does wonders! when you buy the nosefrida, it comes with this saline mist but only a small bottle of it. this bottle size is much larger and personally, the “sprayer” is more efficient on this bigger bottle.

cutest socks for a baby girl

these socks are the cutest!!! i realized since my baby girl is smaller than my son, none of his socks really fit on her foot. these are girly yet neutral too. they’re also a very nice material that feel like they’ll last longer than some socks.

baby girl tights

more socks haha. these are ones that go up to the knee though. they’re so cute with the little ruffles. perfect fall/winter staple. colors that go with lots of outfits too.

toddler learning tower

my parents purchased this for my son for his first birthday and let me tell you, it’s amazing. he loves his learning tower! it gives him a stronger sense of independence to get down when he’s done with his snack/meal (hasn’t quite figured out how to get up on his own yet but makes it clear when he wants to go up). they have multiple colors too, so you can get one that matches your kitchen so it goes with your decor without standing out and being obnoxious. the white one matches perfectly with our kitchen!

how happy does he look?!

toddler snack container

this is worth every penny. as my son is solely on solid foods, he gets hungry when we’re out and about. i keep this stocked with his favorite snacks. it’s insulated and leak proof as well. as my daughter gets older, i will be purchasing another one for her too. you can also put meals in her too if you’re out over meal time.

non-slip hangers

i’ve quickly learned that non-slip, velvet hangers are the only way to go for kids’ clothes. guaranteeing that things won’t slip and fall off constantly is crucial, especially with the more intricate outfits.

what are your favorite kid purchases you’ve bought off amazon? i’d love to hear them!

tia marie

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