i think we all get into dinner ruts from time to time, where we don’t know what to make anymore. so, i thought i would share our dinner menu for this week with you. it’s nothing crazy and honestly, it wasn’t a fully normal week, but hopefully it can shed some inspiration on your menu if you’re feeling stuck with no ideas on what to make.


this week was a holiday so we were at my parents’ house. they made us salad, brisket, & potatoes. it was so yummy!

but making any kind of meat with a side of potatoes, rice, veggies, etc. is a fairly easy & quick meal. you could even do it in a crock pot so when you get home from work it’s already all cooked!


cauliflower pizza dish! this is extremely yummy & simple! here’s the recipe:

preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. fry 2 pounds of hamburger in a pan. in another pan, fry 2 bags of frozen cauliflower until it’s not frozen anymore. once the hamburger is cooked, combine the cauliflower & beef into one large pan. add in 1.5-2 cans of pasta sauce. mix in 1/2 package of pepperoni (we like to use turkey pepperoni). throw on oregano, salt, & garlic. put this mixture into a 9 X 13 pan. put one package of shredded mozzarella cheese and the remainder of the pepperonis on top. bake for 30 minutes.


wednesday’s are a super busy day for our family with church (my husband is a pastor), so wednesday’s are typically a frozen pizza, mac n cheese, or leftovers. this week it was a frozen pizza. not the healthiest, but life is all about balance haha.


homemade cobb salads! bacon, chicken, hard boiled eggs, cheese, lettuce, & onions. so delicious & healthy!

salads are a good, healthy option but it’s also nice because they can be made so many different ways.


it’s fun to have friday’s be a night to get food out. whether it’s a pizza or something else, it’s always a good time. it’s not a consistent weekly thing, but that’s what we decided to do this week. we enjoy a chill, friday night with a pizza and a good show.

what are your favorite meals? let’s share recipes!

tia marie

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