every year, on my side of the family, we all purchase matching pjs that we wear when we open gifts. and yes, it is only september, but december will be here before we know it & so it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about christmas jammies before they’re all picked over and sold out.

before i share some ideas for this year, let’s do a little recap of my family’s previous pics in the matching jammies. we’ve been doing this now since 2018 & it’s such a fun little tradition.

in 2018, we got the classic red & black jammies. the mens and womens were slightly different but the same pattern. we all just wore any black shirt we owned.


in 2019, we bought these white and gray super soft jammies. they were all the same (mens i believe) & we wore any white shirt we had.


in 2020, we got thinner jammies because we all sweat the year before haha. these ones were more like joggers and they were navy. again, we wore any white shirt we had.


and the final year, 2021. we had 2 special little ones join the clan, so it was a bit more challenging to all find matching, but we did it! we went with a black and white checkered paired with a black shirt of our choice.


now that i’m done digging through my photos and reminiscing, let’s get to some ideas you and your family could get for christmas this year.

  1. honest baby organic family jammies

these ones are great because they have baby AND toddler sizes! they also have bandanas for your pets! and honest is a super high quality brand.

2. family matching cotton jammies

this one gives me all the candy cane vibes. this is a full on top and bottom matching set. my family has never done this kind before. maybe this year is the year!

3. sleepyheads winter matching jammies

this one is more winter themed and not so much screaming christmas! so that’s nice; you and your family could wear them ahead of time and use them all winter long! (not that other ones you can’t do that with)

4. pajamagram matching jammies

this one also has pet options which is convenient if you have pets in your home. i like the warmer tones this green color offers that you don’t see often in christmas pjs.

5. pajamagram nordic print family pjs

this one is unique because the mens, womens, and kids prints are all slightly different! if that’s your vibe, this one is a good choice.

it’s strange to think about christmas in september, but it’s such a fun time of year! this year, we have another baby to add to the family photo, so that’s always enjoyable. does your family do matching jammies? if so, what kind are you going to buy this year?

tia marie

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