tomorrow is my 25th birthday. so, in honor of my birthday, i’m going to share 25 things that i love and enjoy in addition to God, my husband, my kids, family, friends, etc. (those are obvious haha).

  1. being a mom & wife
  2. family walks
  3. picnics
  4. long boarding with trevor
  5. baking my favorite cookies & eating the dough in the process
  6. cleaning (haha is that weird? i like a clean home)
  7. movie & pizza nights
  8. chilling at starbucks with a pink drink
  9. photo shoots with my little fam
  10. adventuring to a new place
  11. journaling
  12. fresh flowers (something about the smell and look of fresh flowers on the kitchen table makes my heart so happy)
  13. listening to my husband preach
  14. sitting on the floor with my son and playing
  15. blogging 🙂
  16. one on one intentional time with my husband
  17. the smell of fresh bread baking
  18. fall weather (will minnesota give us some soon??)
  19. weight lifting (haven’t been able to do this in a while due to two back to back pregnancies but excited to start up again soon!)
  20. reading before bed (lately my husband and I have been really into murder mystery books and so we read next to each other & chat about the books; it’s so fun.)
  21. watching my newborn daughter learn new things
  22. watching my son eat (sounds weird but this age is just so funny and his chewing is the cutest)
  23. sabbath (we try to be intentional with fridays being a sabbath family day and i love it)
  24. waking up early (since having kids, having a couple hours of quiet in the morning truly helps my mental health. somedays it doesn’t happen, but when it does, i love it)
  25. coming home to my husband each day. (love him to death!!)

this year has been incredible! had all the firsts with my son, getting pregnant with my daughter, first family vacation with our son, celebrating his first birthday, having my daughter, & just all the little moments in between. cherish each year. cheers to 25!

tia marie

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