Hey guys!!

I have a handful of new subscribers on here reading my blogs, so I thought I would do a little introductory post here so you all can get to know me a bit more. It may be more than you asked for, but I had too much fun looking through photos in the process.

Let’s start back in 2018… I started dating my now husband. We met because he was going to school in Minneapolis and he needed a church to intern at. He checked out the church I attended, but it took a bit after his first visit for us to begin talking & eventually dating because when he first attended in 2017, I was in a relationship with another guy. But once we began talking, we got very close very fast.

Here are some pics of us early on in dating ❤

While we were dating, I was finishing up my final semester of college. I was student teaching and then in December 2018, I graduated with an elementary education degree with a Bible minor and math emphasis. I was so happy my entire family, friend Madison, and boyfriend Trevor could attend.


We both knew pretty early on that we wanted to get married. Trevor and my entire family told me not to expect an engagement anytime soon because Trevor was saving for a ring. They all knew I’m very hard to surprise, so behind the scenes they were all in on a little secret. Trev was going to propose on our 6 month dating anniversary (the day we were celebrating it). I didn’t see it coming at all because I had in my head that nothing would be happening soon.

As you can see in the final picture, I was SHOCKED! Everything I dreamed of. It was also so freezing outside, so in between taking pictures, we were putting our coats on.

Soon after we got engaged, I got hired on at a public charter school as a full-time in-house substitute teacher. So pretty much, I went in each day and taught wherever I was needed. I did this through the end of the school year. Here’s a pic of me on one of the final days of substituting; it was our outdoor activity day.

That summer prior to our wedding, we had some great times!

August 17, 2019 we got married!!! It was a gorgeous day! To see more pics, look back a couple months ago to a blog I did all about our wedding day.

Since I began my first year of teaching less than 2 weeks after our wedding, we did a short mini moon roadtrip to South Dakota and Montana and then did a week long honeymoon the following January to San Francisco, California. Here are some pics of those 2 trips and my first day of teaching 3rd grade.

First day as a third-grade teacher!!

In May of 2020, my husband & I found out we were pregnant! Unfortunately, early June we miscarried this precious baby.

In July, we did a road-trip to Wisconsin to buy a puppy! She’s a Siberian husky and we named her Maple.

Meet Maple!

In, September 2020, we got pregnant to our mysterious baby that we didn’t know was a BOY until he was born in June of 2021. He was born 1 day late. Hid due date just so happened to be my last day of the school year. I was in early labor my last day and went into the hospital early the next morning. Took another picture in front of my classroom that I taught in for 2 years and was now taking a break from teaching to be home with my son more.

Pregnancy Announcement
Last day. Packing up my classroom.

A couple months after my son was born, I got hired at our church part-time alongside my husband (my husband is the youth pastor). I do admin work and my son gets to be in the church nursery while I work. I also love working in the office with my hubby. 🙂

Trevor and I knew we wanted our first 2 kiddos close together, so we weren’t preventing pregnancy but weren’t trying yet when we got pregnant again! Hudson was 5 months old when we got pregnant with our baby GIRL! We did find out the gender this time around which was fun. We both really wanted a girl. 🙂

Here’s us with an ultrasound a few months later. Highly anticipating her arrival.

In May, we got to move into our first house! We moved from Apple Valley to St. Paul. Here is us in an empty room before we moved the stuff inside.

In June, we celebrated Hudson’s first birthday in our new home!

Here are some pictures we got taken of me and our family at 35 weeks pregnant. And she came at 38 weeks so super happy we did them when we did!

Lany Jae was born on July 25 of this year weighing 7 pounds and 12 ounces. Much smaller than my son haha.

Last month, I started a small business named ‘Lany Jae’ and launched my first 2 products! Search “lany_jae” on Instagram to shop today!

Toddler and adult matching tees

Now that you’re all caught up on the last 4 (very eventful) years of my life, here are some basic things about me.

I am 25 years old. I love board games, Starbucks Pink Drinks, pizza, time with family, weight lifting, and being a mama. I am a follower of Jesus and serve in the youth group 2x/week alongside my husband. I am an introvert and enneagram 1w2.

What else would you like to know?

Tia Marie

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