Last week, I wrote a post all about meal time with kids and specifically, the things we do to help encourage healthy and good eating habits from an early age. If you did not read that one, check it out first.

Today, I’d like to give some practical advice on my all-time favorite products for meal & snack times with kids. Let’s just jump right in.

These bibs are probably my favorite thing at meal time & once you begin giving solids to your kid, you’ll quickly learn why. This brand specifically has such a large catch-all pouch in front that catches pretty much any food that misses the mouth. They’re also such a good quality material. This should be one of the first things purchased. There are a ton of colors and patterns to choose from too!

As your child gets older, they will need silverware. I also love the brand mushie’s silverware. They’re a harder/thicker plastic so they don’t stain a lot and anything neutral toned just catches my eyes haha.

These plates are fantastic! I didn’t think they were suction but they actually are! They’re silicone, so easy to clean and can be placed in both the microwave & dishwasher!

Around 1 years old, we began giving my son whole milk in a sippy cup. I just bought sippy cups from Target for $1.99 each and they work well! I don’t love how they can begin to smell musty and can discolor easily but for the price, they’re nice. Just about a month ago though, I decided it would be worth it to spend a little bit more on a nice tumbler for son that was leak proof and had a straw (he’s obsessed with straws), and I love this one! Comes in a pack of two.

Before we introduced a plate, we would always use a placemat for my son. It sticks to the counter if that’s where he is eating & it’s easy to wash. Also by the brand mushie; what can I say, I love their products!

This product has been a game changer for us these last 4 months & that is this learning tower. I had seen a handful of people on social media rave about their learning tower and now I understand the hype. My son absolutely loves it! I’m not sharing our high chair because I just don’t love the one we chose, but I do love this! Ever since he turned 1 years old and has been moving around a lot more, he goes in this a million times a day. We do most meal times and snack times up there on the counter. It’s also been a great way for my son to know this relates to eating and so he crawls up there himself as a sign he’s hungry. It’s the perfect counter height so he can feel like he’s “helping” you in the kitchen or at least more eye-level.

comes in a variety of colors

So I haven’t used this much as of yet, but I know it’ll come in handy so I thought I would still share. This clear, plastic floor mat is great if a meal is super messy and you don’t want your floor to get dirty. This floor mat is easily wipeable making messes quick to clean up under a high chair, learning tower, etc.

What are your favorite products you would not be able to live without for meal times with your kiddos?

Tia Marie

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