Recently, my friend gifted us with a code to use for a free box of Every Plate (meal kit delivery), so we thought we’d take up the offer and get us a box of meals for free (had to pay $10 for shipping still). This is the only meal kit delivery service I have tried, but we’ve gotten a couple boxes of meals now so here are my thoughts in case you’re interested in starting this service for your household.


  • Many meals to choose from. They preselect meals for you, but you can change them up until a few days before the box is delivered.
  • The veggies and produce are all fresh & good quality.
  • The meals are wholesome and well-balanced. There’s usually a veggie included as well as some yummy sides.
  • There are a lot of boxes you can choose from to fit your lifestyle- family friendly, meat lovers, veggie, etc.
  • There are add-ons you can include. We have not done this, but it is nice to have more options for your family if you desire.
  • It gets me more excited about cooking because it might be a similar food to what we’ve eaten before but cooked differently with varying sides, so it feels like a new meal that makes me excited to recreate and have more options when you get in a meal rut.
  • It saves us time. We don’t have to spend the time meal planning, prepping, and shopping for these meals and there are usually leftovers that we can have the following day for lunch.


  • The directions could be better. Now, there are a lot of things great about the recipe- pictures, few words, etc., but, they take multiple steps and mesh them into one step on the recipe card but then in the photo of that step, it only includes one of the steps not all of the things asked. I would rather have more steps to follow but have them be super straightforward and simple than have less steps that each have multiple steps within that step. Make sense? Maybe it’s just me being picky.
  • They tricked me into starting a subscription. So, I’m actually calling today to cancel the subscription because we just wanted to try one week of meals but don’t intend at this time of doing this every week, but they automatically started me on a subscription without me knowing it. I found out because the following week, a box of meals showed up at my doorstep and we were charged full price this time (no discount code) for the box.
  • My husband and I have found that the recipe cards show a prep time and a cook time and it’s taken about double for all the meals so far, so it’s not the most accurate.

I think meal kit delivery is a really cool, new thing that a lot of people do. I appreciate the fact that wholesome, good quality meals just show up on my doorstep. And then if we really like the meal, we now have another recipe to recreate at a later date with the recipe card they provide.

If you’re super busy, this might be a great option for your family!

Tia Marie

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