Early October, my parents began asking us to start thinking about making Christmas lists for the kiddos, so I did just that. I want to share my kids’ lists with you in case you need ideas to give to grandparents or ideas for yourself to buy for your kids! My philosophy for Christmas lists is that I would rather put more items on the list that vary in prices to give them a lot of options (but I do NOT expect them to receive everything). I include links to make it easiest on them. I try to think about practical items for their next stage but also some “would be nice” things as well. I’ll include links down below for you in case you’re interested. On Christmas Day, my kids will be almost 19 months and 6 months old. Here are the things I have put on their lists for Christmas 2022:


  • Nugget couch– I told my mom if both kids combined got this and only this, I would be completely fine because I know this is a bit spendy, but it would be amazing for our basement. I’ve heard a ton of people rave about their Nugget Couch!
  • Sensory Table– These iKea sensory tables are great! As my kids, especially my son, get older, something like this would be great for sensory play!

Hudson (18 months)

  • Suitcase– My son has spent the night many times at my parents’ house & I want him to continue to do so as he gets older. I would love him to have his own little toddler sized suitcase. He currently uses a super pink & flowery bag of mine haha.
  • Kyte Baby Clothes- My sis-in-law got me loving Kyte baby! This bamboo brand makes incredible clothes that stretch & last for such a long time! But, they’re more expensive so I rarely buy anything new from here for my kids. I have on here both a romper and a sleeveless romper.
  • Mini Stanley Cup– I think these mini Stanley cups are so cute!! Hudson LOVES drinking water so this would be perfect for him, especially as he gets older.
  • Sweat Set– I love this clothing store (atnoon) and all the options for clothes for my kids! This sweat set is one example of something I adore and would totally dress my son in this fall & winter.
  • Booster Chair– This is a more practical gift. Our son isn’t loving his high chair anymore and as he gets older, we’ll want him in a normal chair. This would be a nice way to begin that transition with him.

Lany (6 months)

  • Personalized Bracelets– I think it’s super cute and dainty when a baby girl has little jewelry. I love this customized bracelet set with her name on it.
  • Sleep Sack– This is by the same brand as the rompers above for my son. These sleep sacks are good for such a long time & the quality is divine!
  • Romper– This sleeveless romper is the same as the one for my son as well but I’m asking for a different color for her. Kids can wear this brand for like triple the amount of time of normal clothes because of how stretchy it is!!
  • Electric Nose Frida– This is a practical gift for Lany. She wakes up congested a lot in the mornings & I end up suctioning her nose almost daily. I found out this electric version exists instead of the by hand one I’ve been using by this same brand. I thought it would be super handy to have.
  • Suction Toy– Around Christmas time, my daughter will begin starting to sit up & sit in a highchair. This toy would be great for her, especially while we’re dealing with her brother to give her something to do while she waits.
  • Frozen Fruit Feeder– I never used these with my son, but I can see how helpful they would be as you do baby led weaning. I’d love to try with my daughter.
  • Rainbow Stacking Toy– My son could probably use this too! I think it’s super cute and a fun toy for the kids.
  • Zara or H & M gift card- Gift cards are always always useful for kids! I love these shops for my kids, but again, I rarely buy clothes new for them, so when I have a gift card, it’s a special treat!!

I hope these ideas help! What things are you putting on your kid’s lists this year?

Tia Marie

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