I don’t talk about teaching very much on here at the moment because I’m not actively teaching in a classroom in this season of life. I was a full-time in-house substitute for 4 months after I graduated since it was the middle of the school year and then I was a full-time 3rd grade classroom teacher for the following 2 years. I loved it but decided to take a break when we started our family.

I have some amazing memories from teaching though and I thought it’d be fun to share some with you. My first year full-time teaching was the 2019-2020 school year (we all know what that means) and my 2nd year was the 2020-2021 school year (no explanation needed). So they were crazy years to say the least. I taught in person, over zoom, from home, and in person & zoom simultaneously over the span of these two years.

Let’s begin 🙂

A boy in my class wrote me a note on a note card that said & I quote, “you are kind and fun you are calm and hope you have a nice day and to all your family have a calm time no worry doubt fear for god will protect you from evil spirits.”

One day at recess I overhear a student say that they have therapy sessions with their stuffed animals at home.

One afternoon we did a STEM project and used a lot of plastic straws. At the end of it, a lot of plastic straws were thrown away and a boy in my class becomes completely distraught and yells, “THE TURTLES ARE GOING TO DIE!!!”

Not sure if this was for attention or true, but a boy in my class had a group of students’ attention and he said, “Guys guys… did you know I use more than 2 rolls of toilet paper a day?!”

My last name is Westad, but a student in my class started calling me, “Mrs. Westin.” His Russian accent made it all the better haha.

Due to COVID, the students ate lunch in our classroom. One girl was telling her friends how she got to pack her own lunch. She proceeds to pull out a baggy with 11 Oreos in it. I ask her if she was going to eat them all and she responded saying, “No- I’m going to save some for snack time.”

One day in the middle of a math lesson over Zoom, a girl in my class said she needed to go. I asked her where she had to go and this is what she said… “I was hoping to get a nap in today.”

At recess one day, a large group of students start running and chasing one another. I ask them what’s going on and one kid says, “We’re playing butt spanking where we smack each other’s butts!”

Okay definitely going to share a part two to this. I had so much fun recalling these memories. This age is hilarious! Which quote was your favorite?

Tia Marie

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