We all have them.

Every person no matter their state of life.

We all have days where everything seems to be going “wrong” and we’re stressed & overwhelmed.

Today is one of those days for me. So, I thought there was no better day than today for me to encourage other people out there who could be feeling the same way.

Here’s what I need to hear today and I hope you can remember these when you’re having an off day.

Everyday Isn’t A Hard Day

This may seem obvious but in the midst of a challenging day, it can be hard to remember that when you wake up the following day, it’s a new day! You don’t need to continue to feel overwhelmed. New joy comes with each morning.

Choose Joy

Sometimes you don’t feel happy, but you can still choose to feel it. Look for the things that are good and have a positive outlook. That will help tremendously.

Take A Deep Breath

Breathe. Take 15 seconds to close your eyes and just breathe. It’ll be okay.

Do Something For Yourself

Even if it’s small, you can do something for yourself on a hard day. If you’re a stay at home mom and can’t have “time alone,” take the kids on a drive and turn on music you enjoy and get a coffee. If you’re in an office, take a walk outside during your next break. Whatever that looks for you. It doesn’t need to cost you anything or take a lot of time, but it’ll make you feel good & you deserve it!

Crying Is Okay

It’s okay to cry. Sometimes that truly does help to get all those icky feelings out. Sometimes that’s what it takes to start feeling better. This could be calling your spouse or a close friend and just spilling out all you’re feeling, having a good cry, and then starting new, pushing aside all the crap that’s happened earlier.

Talk to God About It

He is always there for you. Invite Him into your situation & I guarantee, you’ll feel His peace & love wash over you. Put that worship music on in your home or office, journal, pray, just chat with your Heavenly Father. He cares & loves you deeply.

I know I needed this today. Anyone else?

Tia Marie

One response to “Reminders On A Hard Day”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Good advice! Love you, T!

    Liked by 1 person

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