Over the last handful of years, I have found a couple YouTubers that I really enjoy keeping up with & like their content. I don’t prefer your typical YouTubers though. I enjoy watching content I can relate to and people who make videos about stuff that seems to have more purpose to it than just random, silly challenges.

I love Milena’s content! She is a Christian young woman whom has 3 young kiddos. She films videos about motherhood, her faith, cleaning, reorganizing, and homeschooling. All very relatable things I enjoy watching.

This is probably my favorite channel! Delilah is also a Christian mom of 3 kids. I love her home renovation videos and just how down to earth she is. She doesn’t care about flashy things. She cares about teaching her kids, loving her family, and her faith. I admire her!

I prefer Jess’ main channel over her one with Gabe, her husband. I love the little details Jess puts into her videos that make them unique and just very relaxing to watch. She likes doing a lot of B roll to show things (e.x. getting ready, making breakfast, etc). Her videos are calming & relaxing.

My first time stumbling across their videos I wasn’t the biggest fan but as they’ve matured and been doing videos for longer, I really enjoy them. The biggest reason I watch their videos is because they are such genuine and kind people & it’s contagious to watch other people be so kind and sweet.

Kristin does some great cooking & baking videos! Personally, I liked her videos 1-2 years ago better than her most recent videos. But, Kristin is a down to earth young mom who recently moved to Tennessee. She’s very sweet and I enjoy her content.

These are four of my favorite YouTube channels. My husband & I both have channels as well. Feel free to check them out!

Tia Marie

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