Any other moms of young kids out there? I have two under two, and I love it, but it’s also crazy at times haha.

But I find that society makes moms feel guilty for spending time by themselves. Recently, I saw this video of a mom in Costco pushing a cart and having 2 kids with her, clearly managing a lot. Then, it showed a dad doing the same thing the mom was by himself but showed all these praises dads get when they are alone with their kids.

“You’re such a good dad!”

“That’s so nice you’re letting your wife have time to herself.”

“Super dad!”

But the mom didn’t get any of that.

Why does society make it seem like dads being with their kids is rare and so worthy of praise while a mom being with her kids is just how it should be and she should be able to handle it all by herself? I dislike when I hear dads say that they’re “babysitting” when they’re alone with their kids. Isn’t that just being a dad?? I’m very thankful my husband doesn’t treat being with our kids simply as “babysitting.”

Having time by yourself as a mom shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be part of your normal routine because you NEED that. Dads do too. And it’s not something to feel guilty about either.

I guarantee you’ll be a better parent & spouse if you make that time for yourself BEFORE you feel absolutely burnt out, overwhelmed, & exhausted.

Now, this may look different person to person. But the best place to start with implementing time to recharge & rest into your weekly routine is to plan it out. Every Sunday afternoon/evening, my husband & I chat about our week. We go day-by-day chatting about what we have- appointments, events, activities, dinners, etc. And we try to even plan when we can have that time. The other night, he told me to go to Starbucks for a couple of hours so I could have some alone time while he was with the kids. We planned it out cause otherwise it won’t happen.

Different seasons of life will also look differently for what this can be like. For example, I have a young baby still who is nursing. I can’t leave without her unless it’s for a short time and that’s just how it is in this season of life.

But, even 1-2 hours a week can be so beneficial for your mental health as a parent. It is an absolute JOY to be a mom but no one ever said it’s easy. Take time for yourself. You’ll be better for doing it.

Tia Marie

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