I’ve already shared wish list ideas for kiddos, so I thought I would share some some ideas I’ve given my family for myself this year in case you’re at a loss of what you want/need this year. My husband and I keep a shared note on our phones at all times for ideas because otherwise it seems like when the time comes to actually come up with ideas, you’re left with nothing haha.

  1. Customized jewelry

I’m asking for a bracelet with my daughter’s name on it. After my son was born, I got a necklace with his name & I wear it multiple times every week. I want to be able to have a piece with her name on it too.

2. Stanley Cup

Surprise surprise hahaha. I would probably never buy one for myself because it seems kind of expensive for a cup, but a cute cup ALWAYS makes me drink more water. You all know the trend of these cups. Everyone and their mom uses one. I may or may not be hopping on the train.

3. King Bed Sheets

Our current bed sheets we’ve had for a while and I’m not a huge fan of them. We recently got a new comforter so thought it could be a nice refresh to our bed to have some new sheets as well.

4. Sweatshirt

I love clothes. Always have & always will. Here’s one sweatshirt I’m asking for this year.

5. Costco Membership

We love Costco but have never had our own membership. With our family growing and gas prices going up, we thought Costco could help save us some money on food & gas.

6. Gift cards

Gift cards are always a good gift. Some places I specifically like gift cards too are: Ulta (makeup & skincare), Cole’s Salon (brow waxing), Starbucks, Amazon, Target

7. Makeup/Skincare

I don’y buy makeup and skincare products often, but when I do, it adds up quickly! Here are some products I love/would like to try that are options for gifts as well.

  • Tarte Hydrating Primer
  • Dime Beauty Lash Serum
  • Tula Moistruizer
  • Tula Fash Wash

What things are on your wish list this year?

Tia Marie

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